SIGMA 15.11 heart rate monitor with a band, blue

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Sigma PC 15.11 heart rate monitor perfect for everyday training. It will work well both on the bike and in other sports. It allows you to easily control the lap time and calories burned


  • watch
  • a chest strap to measure the heart rate
  • shortened user manual in the following languages: PL, DE, ENG, FR, IT, CZ, NED, ES

Basic functions

  • Date
  • Measurement with the accuracy of the ECG
  • Full-text display
  • Clock
  • Display backlight
  • Button sound with the ability to turn them off

Training display

  • % training time in the zone
  • Lap counter: 50
  • Total number of calories
  • Zone indicator
  • Lap time
  • Training time in the target zone
  • Maximum heart rate
  • Stopwatch
  • Your current heart rate
  • Total training time
  • Calorie counter
  • Average heart rate
  • Clock
  • Indicator of being in the current training zone

Training functions

  • Manually programmed zones
  • Training zones can be changed during training
  • Sound zone alarm
  • Calculating your maximum heart rate
  • Automatic training zones (Fit or Fat)

Memory saved after training

  • Average heart rate for one lap
  • Maximum heart rate for one lap
  • Training time in the target zone per lap
  • Time to lap
  • Calories per lap
  • Time since start

Other functions

  • Waterproof according to 3 ATM
  • Number of training sessions: 1
  • Low battery indicator (watch)
  • Maximum number of laps: 50
  • Replaceable batteries in both the wristband and the CR2032 watch


Product type: Pulsometer
Color: Blue
Signal: Not coded
Product warranty 24 months

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