SHIMANO SL-M2010 left shift lever, 2-speed, black

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The left Shimano SL-M2010 front derailleur from the Altus group is designed to operate the 2-speed gears. It is characterized by a very clear optical gear indicator, thanks to which you can read while driving which gear is currently set. It is equipped with an adjustment screw for the derailleur, thus allowing you to adjust the settings of the derailleur even while driving.


  • Producer: Shimano
  • Product group: Altus
  • Model: SL-M2010
  • Supported number of gears: 2
  • Mounting to the handlebar using a clamp with an Allen screw (5mm wrench)
  • The set includes a shift cable made in the Optislik technology
  • Average product weight: 135 g

Technologies used:

Rapidfire Plus

  • Quick shifting, allowing cyclists to shift down three gears (right shifter) with a single hand movement.


  • This system has three features:
    • Optimal gear ratio for each wheel size - the larger the wheel, the greater the range of cassettes necessary to maintain light pedaling.
    • Advanced front shifting system - gear combinations adapted to each wheel size to reduce the number of corrective rear shift shifts with a small front shift.
    • Improved tire clearance for increased maneuverability - redesigned front derailleur giving the possibility of reducing the track width in the frame.

Front and Rear DUAL SIS Indexed Gear Shifting

  • System components such as the indexing mechanism built into the shifting lever, the frictionless SIS rear index shifting cable and the free-running rear derailleur make up the SHIMANO INDEX SYSTEM. The SIS indexed rear shifting system is also used in the front derailleur, making shifting at the front easier and more comfortable.


Product type: Bicycle shifter and bicycle lever handle
Color: Black
  • MTB
  • City
  • Trekking
Weight: 135 g
Product warranty 24 months
Number of gears: 2
Component material: Composite
Number of crank rows: 2

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