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KAYMAQ cycling shorts men black ELSHORM701

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KAYMAQ men's cycling shorts without suspenders black ELSHORM701 - perfect for long distances

If you're looking for men's cycling shorts designed for comfort and long-distance performance, then the KAYMAQ ELSHORM701 cycling shorts are for you. Equipped with the advanced ARMADILLO chamois from the Italian manufacturer TEOSPORT, these shorts guarantee unparalleled comfort and protection while cycling.

Perfect fit and exceptional comfort

KAYMAQ ELSHORM701 are characterized by: Wide elastic waistband and flat seams that minimize the risk of chafing. Silicone leg cuffs to keep the shorts in place while riding. A practical, two-compartment mesh pocket on the left leg that allows you to store small items. Quick-drying, elastic fabric (80% polyester / 20% elastane) that guarantees freedom of movement and excellent ventilation.

ARMADILLO insole from TEOSPORT - perfect protection for long distances

The ARMADILLO cycling pad is a key feature of the KAYMAQ ELSHORM701 shorts. Developed with men in mind, this insole provides exceptional comfort during prolonged cycling.

Advanced technology and innovative design

The ARMADILLO insole is characterized by: Anatomic cut, designed specifically for men. PORON 92 cushioning, which effectively absorbs shocks while driving. Flexibility in all directions, thanks to which it perfectly adapts to the shape of the body. Excellent air circulation that keeps the material dry and fresh. Two different insole densities (40 and 90 kg/m3) that guarantee optimal pressure distribution.

Dedicated to long distances

The ARMADILLO insole is designed for long distances, which makes it ideal for up to 8 hours of cycling. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship and advanced technology, the insert provides unparalleled comfort, protection and durability during prolonged cycling.

Combination with other products for even greater comfort

The KAYMAQ ELSHORM701 cycling shorts can be combined with other cycling products for even greater comfort and performance. Consider the following suggestions: Bicycle helmet: Protects your head while cycling, reducing the risk of injury. Cycling gloves: They increase the comfort of holding the handlebars and protect your hands from abrasions. Cycling shoes: They make pedaling easier, improve grip and protect your feet from injury. Cycling socks: Provide better ventilation, comfort and support for your feet while cycling. Cycling jacket: Protection against wind, rain and cold when cycling in changing weather conditions.


The KAYMAQ ELSHORM701 men's cycling shorts without suspenders are a great choice for lovers of long-distance cycling. With high-quality materials, TEOSPORT's advanced ARMADILLO chamois, and practical features like a wide elastic waistband and silicone leg cuffs, these shorts deliver top-notch comfort and performance. Take advantage of the possibility of combining the shorts with other cycling products to further increase the comfort and pleasure of cycling.

ARMADILLO insole from the Italian manufacturer TEOSPORT

Long-distance comfort and performance

The ARMADILLO insole created by the renowned Italian manufacturer TEOSPORT is the perfect solution for cycling enthusiasts who are looking for high quality and comfort during long rides. Using advanced technologies and innovative materials, the ARMADILLO insole provides optimal support, cushioning and breathability.

Anatomic cut for men

The ARMADILLO insert was designed for men, thanks to which its anatomical cut perfectly adapts to the male anatomy. The central channel allows blood to flow while reducing pressure in critical areas.

PORON 92 cushioning

PORON 92 cushioning used in the ARMADILLO insole provides excellent shock absorption while cycling, which means more comfort and less fatigue over long distances.

Flexibility and excellent air circulation

The ARMADILLO insole is flexible in all directions, which makes it adapt to the body and always returns to its original shape. This translates into a better fit and greater freedom of movement while riding. In addition, the insert provides excellent air circulation thanks to its design, which allows you to maintain the right temperature and dryness in sensitive places.

2 different insert densities

The ARMADILLO insert uses 2 different foam densities - 40 kg/m3 and 90 kg/m3. This allows for ideal pressure distribution and adequate support for individual zones. Thanks to this, the insert is dedicated to long distances (up to 8 hours of cycling).

The outer material is pleasant to the touch

The top layer of the ARMADILLO insole is made of a soft, pleasant to the touch material that minimizes the risk of abrasions while cycling. This material is also quick-drying , which contributes to better comfort during prolonged exercise.


  • comfortable ARMADILLO insole

  • flat seams

  • 2 compartment mesh pocket on the left leg

  • allowing some freedom of movement

  • reflective logo on the back

  • quick drying

  • wide elastic waistband

  • elastic material 80% polyester / 20% elastane

  • silicone cuffs in the legs

  • inside leg length for size L: 24cm

  • pants made in Poland

Bicycle pad - ARMADILLO

This model was developed with men in mind. Central channel designed to allow blood flow and reduce pressure.

It guarantees perfect protection while cycling.

  • anatomic cut designed for men

  • it adapts to the body and always returns to its original shape

  • PORON 92 cushioning provides shock absorption while driving

  • flexible in every direction

  • great air circulation, thanks to which the material stays dry

  • the outer material is pleasant to the touch, it minimizes the formation of possible abrasions while cycling

  • 2 different insert densities 40 and 90 kg/m3 - guarantee perfect distribution of pressure

  • dedicated for long distances (up to 8 hours of cycling)


  • size M: 80-84cm

  • size L: 85-90cm

  • XL size: 90-95cm

  • size 2XL: 95-100cm


Brand created by Mike SPORT. It offers very good quality products at a reasonable price. It uses European materials and solutions to ensure optimal comfort while practicing sports. All products are used by us and our friends, so we know exactly what we offer.


Product type: Cycling shorts
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Cycling pad: Yes
Trouser lenght: Short
Pad type: Foam
Product warranty 24 months

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