GRANITE valves for tubeless tires FV 44 mm, pink

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Valves with caps for GRANITE FV 44 mm tubeless systems

  • An easy-to-use, always ready-to-use valve core remover that also functions as a dust cover for Presta valves.

  • No more hassle of inflating tires and refilling sealant on tubeless MTB bikes.

  • High-precision alloy 6061 construction ensures high strength and low weight.

  • The Juicy Nipple Valve Cap protects the tire valve core from mud, dirt and rainwater, covers the valves to prevent damage to the Presta valve core.

JUICY NIPPLE takes the stress out of setting up and repairing tubeless tires.

It can be placed on the Presta valve instead of the regular cap until it is needed most. It also serves as a valve core removal tool, facilitating the removal or installation of valve cores and refilling of sealing fluid.


Product type: Valves
Product warranty 24 months

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