SPEEDCLEAN890 Bicycle washing and cleaning kit OFFROAD 1L + DEGRESER 0,5L

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SPEEDCLEAN890 bicycle washing and cleaning kit

Caring for your bike at its best

We will present you the irreplaceable SPEEDCLEAN890 bicycle washing and care set. Every true enthusiast of two wheels knows how important it is to keep your vehicle in an impeccable condition. It is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also efficiency and durability. That is why we present you our set, which consists of two key products.

DEGREASER 500ml - Your tool for perfect cleaning

DEGREASER is a liquid with extremely effective cleaning and degreasing properties. Whether you are a cyclist, motorcyclist or ATV owner, this fluid will meet your expectations. Designed for cleaning the bicycle drive, engine and lubricated elements, it will provide your vehicle with excellent care.

Thanks to this fluid, you can easily clean the chain, cassette, derailleurs and other hard-to-reach places. Importantly, it is safe for aluminum and other bicycle parts. The liquid is designed so that it can be applied even in hard-to-reach places, ensuring thorough and effective cleaning.

OFFROAD 1 liter - The power of cleanliness in the field

OFFROAD is a biodegradable liquid spray, which was created for the daily care of bicycles, motorcycles, quads and cars. It guarantees quick and effective removal of mud, grease and dust from vehicle surfaces. Regardless of whether during the ride you overcome difficult terrain or just enjoy riding on asphalt, OFFROAD can handle any type of dirt.

In addition, this preparation has a neutral pH and is safe for paint coatings and the substrate. This means that it not only removes dirt, but also does not harm your vehicle. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the cleanliness and shine of your bike without worrying about potential damage.

A perfect gift for a two-wheel enthusiast

This reliable bicycle washing and care set is not only a tool for everyday cleaning. It is also a great gift idea for every cyclist or cyclist. Show your concern for their passion by offering them the tools to help them care for their vehicles in the best possible way.

Set contains:

  • DEGREASER 500ml - liquid for cleaning the bicycle drive, engine and lubricated elements.

  • OFFROAD 1 liter - biodegradable fluid for removing mud, grease and dust from vehicle surfaces.

Give your bike the best care it deserves. Choose SPEEDCLEAN890 and enjoy the perfect result!


Product type: Impregnates
Capacity: 1500 ml
Product warranty 24 months

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