WINX Cleaner for bicycle chains and bicycle drives S-WASH 400 ml

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S-WASH Chain Cleaner by WINX - The perfect solution for a clean bicycle chain

Efficiency at a high level

S-WASH Chain Cleaner is a highly effective preparation for washing a bicycle chain , which bases its power on a specially developed formula. Thanks to this power, you will restore your chain to its original purity in a few moments, eliminating stubborn dirt and deposits. Optimizing the composition is a guarantee that your bike will always be ready to take on the next route.

Multifunctionality for your convenience

One of the standout aspects of S-WASH Chain Cleaner is its versatility . Regardless of whether you prefer technology or tradition, you can rely on this preparation. When used in conjunction with chain washers , you will get excellent results. And if you prefer to get involved in the process yourself, simply remove the chain from the bike and dip it directly into the liquid.

Safe for surfaces

You don't have to worry about potential damage when using S-WASH Chain Cleaner . It is a perfectly adapted preparation that is safe for the surface of your bike. Regardless of the material, it will not cause damage or discoloration, giving you peace of mind during the washing process.

Convenient use

Choose from two options:

1. When using the S-WASCH machine, it works perfectly with dedicated chain washing machines . This will make your cleaning process easier, saving you both time and effort.

2. Manual Cleaning If you prefer a more traditional approach, follow these simple steps:

  • Put on your gloves.

  • Remove the chain from the bicycle.

  • Place the chain in a container and fill it with liquid so that it is covered.

  • Wait a moment and then use the brush to get rid of larger dirt.

  • After cleaning, rinse with running water and protect the chain with WINX products to keep it in perfect condition.

Available Capacity 400ml

S-WASH Chain Cleaner by WINX comes in a practical 400ml capacity. This is enough for many cycling trips, eliminating dirt and deposits from your chain. Get a clean you can rely on.

Your Perfect Solution

Let S-WASH Chain Cleaner be your answer to your bike cleaning needs. Reliable, effective and safe for the surface, this preparation will become your companion on long routes and cycling adventures. Discover the power of purity today!


Product type: Chain degreaser
Capacity: 400 ml
Product warranty 24 months

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