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Rockbros service case - Professional tools for your bike

Perfect service for your bike - Always at your fingertips

If you are passionate about cycling and you care about the perfect condition of your two-wheeler, the Rockbros bicycle service tool kit is an indispensable help for you. Equip yourself with professional tools that are necessary for accurate bicycle diagnosis and repair. This set was created for demanding cyclists who value quality and precision.

Why is it worth having a Rockbros service case?

1. Professional bicycle service at your fingertips

This compact suitcase contains as many as 44 elements that will give you full access to the various components of the bike. It's the perfect solution for people who care about every detail and regularly service their bike. Whether you're a professional repairer or just want to make sure your bike is in top condition, this suitcase will help you get there.

2. High quality tools

The Rockbros tool set is a guarantee of reliability and durability. The tools are made of durable materials, which ensures precise and effective operation. No matter what type of repair or maintenance you plan to carry out, these tools will meet your expectations.

Who is the Rockbros service case for?

The Rockbros tool set is the perfect solution for bicycle enthusiasts who like to take care of their equipment themselves. These are tools for people who value quality and accuracy and for professionals in the field of bicycle service.

What does the Rockbros service case contain?

Here is a list of the tools you will find in this professional service case:

  • Cassette/freewheel attachment

  • Bottom bracket attachment (bottom bracket)

  • Spoke wrench

  • Cross screwdriver

  • Cassette disassembly tool

  • Pedal wrench

  • Hub wrench / wheel axle cone wrench

  • Frame hook wrench

  • Bottom Bracket and Freewheel Wrench

  • Socked wrench

  • Bit set

  • Chain breaker/breaker

  • Tire repair kit

  • Bicycle front fork wrench

  • Allen keys

  • Tire pressure gauge

  • Open-end wrenches 14 - 15

  • Crank key

  • Tire removal tool

  • Adjustable wrench

  • Angled bit holder

  • Sockets 8/9/10 mm

Rockbros Service Case Specifications:

  • Producer: Rockbros

  • Number of elements: 44

  • Suitcase dimensions: 25 x 32.5 x 7 cm

  • Weight: Approx. 3kg

  • Suitcase color: Gray

Rockbrosto bike service tool set - a guarantee of perfect service for your bike. Regardless of your level of advancement in bicycle servicing, this suitcase will meet your expectations. Give your bike the best care by investing in this professional tool set now!


Product type: Suitcases / tool boxes
Product warranty 24 months

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