Rockbros bicycle fender set, black 24-29'' 28210003001

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Rockbros bike fenders

Perfect protection against mud and water during your cycling trips!

Thanks to Rockbros bicycle mudguards, you will never have to worry about mud and rain during your bicycle trips! Our mudguards are designed for users who value comfort and cleanliness while driving. Discover their advantages and why it is worth adding them to your cycling equipment.

Advantages of Rockbros Bicycle Mudguards:

1. Durability and resistance to deformation

Made of high-quality PP (polypropylene) material, our mudguards are extremely durable and resistant to deformation or breakage. This means that even in difficult off-road conditions, the fenders will remain intact, and you will be able to enjoy a free ride without having to constantly think about their condition.

2. Full mud and rain protection

Thanks to their wider and larger shape, Rockbros bicycle mudguards effectively protect you from mud, water and adverse weather conditions. Your backpack and clothes will stay dry, and you can focus on your ride and trip regardless of the weather.

3. Easy installation and removal

The mudguards are designed to be installed in no time at all. The included installation tool will allow you to install them quickly and easily. What's more, when you don't need the mudguards, their disassembly will also not cause you any difficulties.

4. Versatility

Rockbros bicycle mudguards fit bicycles with a wheel diameter of 24 to 29 inches, which means that they are compatible with many types of bicycles: mountain, road, touring and others. Regardless of the type of your bike, mudguards will be effective protection against adverse weather conditions.

Rockbros bicycle mudguards - Enjoy comfort and cleanliness!

Rockbros 28210003001 bicycle fenders are not only a protection tool, but also an element that improves the quality of your cycling adventures. Thanks to their ease of assembly, adjustment and reliability, they are a great choice for every two-wheel lover. Regardless of the conditions, be prepared for any route, enjoying complete comfort and cleanliness while riding.


  • Suitable for seat post diameter: approx. 26-30 mm

  • Fits bicycles with a wheel diameter of 24 to 29 inches

  • The weight of the whole set: 390g

  • Material: PP (polypropylene)

  • Black colour


Product type: Bike fenders
Color: Black
Wheel size: 24-29"
Fender type: Set
Main fabric: Polypropylen
Weight: 390 g
Product warranty 24 months

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