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Ratio™ is a smart helmet that boasts many features from the best Giro helmets at a more affordable price. Underneath the elegant silhouette, you'll see how easy it is to fit the helmet with In Form™ Fit, and the adjustable Thermostat Control™ ventilation allows you to control airflow. The Ratio helmet is also compatible with Outdoor Tech's audio systems so you can listen to your favourite beats on downhill runs.

Hard Shell design

In Form Fit System
Vertical adjustment

Adjustable ventilation Thermostat Control™
Stack Vent - chimney ventilation

- Compatible with Outdoor Tech's after-sales Giro audio systems
- Trouble-free compatibility with all Giro goggles
- Declaration of conformity: CE EN1077

S: 52-55.5 cm
M: 55.5-59 cm
L: 59-62.5 cm
XL: 62.5-65 cm


HEADY SHAPE - Giro's own headforms have been developed using a combination of precision head scans, meticulous fitting studies, and aggregation of head size and shape data across the globe. Giro also uses scaled head shapes to match our Asian fitting line.

Helmet depth - The ideal helmet depth successfully combines comfort with complete coverage of the forehead, back of the head and ears. This is achieved through careful research and prototypes printed in 3D to ensure a perfect fit in combination with low temperatures, high speeds and wind.

*GIRO AUDIO ACCESSORIES BY OUTDOOR TECH - Chips™ 2.0 wireless headphones are equipped with one-touch control buttons and touch-free phone call control. The corded Chips™ headset is a versatile corded model with easy to use controls (even with gloves on) and a 10-hour playback time. Both models feature full range 40mm speakers and proven performance down to -29°C.

*HARD SHELL CONSTRUCTION - The Hard Shell design creates great helmets at a great price. The sturdy outer shell is formed and then attached to a EPS foam insert.

*IN FORM™ FIT SYSTEM - The In Form adjustment system allows you to easily select the right fit in seconds - even when wearing gloves. An ergonomic knob at the base of the helmet provides up to 6 cm adjustment and increases stability. The vertical tuning function allows you to accommodate a variety of goggles and head shapes to match each other without any play.

SUMA IS MORE THAN its COMPOSITION - perfecting the fit is learning. It is the sum of part of 30 years of Giro's experience in helmet making and a dose of black art. These are tireless hours of research and development at the Dome, our world-class testing laboratory in Santa Cruz, California. It's science, math and technology; all backed by fitting development research, thousands of 3D head scans and user feedback that delivers a perfect fit. The result is an accurate and consistent fit for all Giro helmet and goggle models, relating to different types of construction, head shapes, sizes and fitting systems. We call this continuous process our formula for a perfect fit and it is this dedication that makes Giro the world's leading choice.

TOTAL - Giro's helmets and goggles have been carefully designed and tested to work together as a single unit. We take into account all aspects of integration and functionality to achieve the perfect fit, comfort and performance on snow.

GOGLI MOUNTING POSITION - The correct location of the goggle mount is complemented by the Giro package. Easy integration of goggles and helmet is essential to achieve the highest performance. Risks associated with misplacement include: misplacement of the helmet on the head, reduced visibility, brain frostbite, poor ventilation and a gap between the helmet and the goggles.

Designing a padding zone - The Giro padding is strategically positioned to work in tandem with the head shape, helmet depth and MIPS system. The lining is positioned to provide warmth and breathability and to match the helmet's ventilation systems to achieve consistent compatibility with Giro goggles.

POSITIONING WARNINGS - Adjusting the earmuffs is a key element of fit and comfort. Each Giro helmet is tested to obtain the ideal earpiece position to provide the necessary warmth, comfort and airflow reduction, all without compromising the ability to hear the environment.

*STACK VENT - Our chimney ventilation has been developed based on research showing that most of the warm air that can cause the glass to evaporate is coming out of the middle upper part of the chimney.

The helmet does not have the MIPS system.

Technical data:

Product type: Skiing helment/ Snowboard helmet
Gender: Women
Color: Black
Product warranty 24 miesiące
MIPS system: No

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