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These gloves contain Technogel that adapts to the shape of your hand, AX Suede for durability and an upper part of wicking mesh that stretches in four directions. They are designed for exceptional cushioning, thanks to the double Technogel layer with foam padding. The Strada Massa SG LF glove's extremely ergonomic design and high quality construction improves fit and feel, while eliminating the feeling of massiveness like other extremely soft gloves.

Upper hand:

  • Moisture-resistant, four-way stretch, breathable mesh
  • Very absorbent microfibre wiping surface
  • Modified small Velcro fastening
  • Reflective highlights

The inside of the hand:

  • Super Fit technology with three panels
  • Hand of microfibre AX Suede
  • Welded glove strap
  • Touch screen technology for use with mobile devices


  • 2 mm Technogel filling and 4 mm foam filling


  • S (palm circumference 155-169 mm / palm length 160-169 mm)
  • M (hand circumference 170-189 mm / hand length 170-184 mm)
  • L (hand circumference 190-204 mm / hand length 185-195 mm)


  • Super Fit Engineering is a proprietary process that affects the fit, appearance and design of every Giro glove for maximum comfort and performance. By precisely matching the palm, fingers and padding zones to the shape and size of the hand, Super Fit Engineering reduces tethering and discomfort, while improving grip, steering feel and padding efficiency. And with six sizes available for the model, almost every driver can choose a pair of gloves to suit their needs.
  • Touchscreen technology - the capacitive touchscreens found in most mobile devices such as the iPhone react to the natural bioelectricity in the skin. By combining optical fibre with the pads of selected Giro gloves, you can stay in touch with your mobile device without taking the glove off.
  • Technogel is a proprietary polyurethane material originally designed for medical applications. We use Technogel for the liner in our premium gloves because of its excellent pressure distribution properties. When pressed between the glove and the handlebar, Technogel adheres to the hand, deforming along all three axes. Normal liner materials tend to deform along only one axis, causing pressure to build up in the direct contact zones. Giro gloves with Technogel provide better pressure distribution up to 300% better than standard gel, for greater comfort and protection against numbness over time. Excellent shock absorption up to 30% better than standard gel for protection against shock and vibration. Long-lasting performance - does not harden or spoil over time, so the glove remains flexible and comfortable.
  • Three-piece palm construction - the unique 3-piece palm construction is designed to fit the gloves to reduce the feeling of being tied. It allows natural hand movements for better control, which does not affect the feel of the steering wheel. By designing each part of the hand to mimic the characteristics of the hand and wrist, Giro gloves enhance grip and provide the highest level of protection for the entire hand.1 - STRICK - A thumb panel with Super Fit technology is essential to ensure an exact fit in the hand, while providing the freedom of movement and better grip necessary for maximum control and feel of the steering wheel.2- INTERNAL PART OF THE HAND - The Super Fit Engineered hand panel is optimised to provide a comfortable fit without feeling tied up when you grab the steering wheel. The design carefully matches the natural shape of the hand, keeping the glove flexible while providing a protective layer. 3 - FULL - The specially designed Giro glove is designed to support the natural movement of the hand while providing a platform for padding and protection where you need it most. By optimising the thickness and position of the lining with integrated Flex zones, Giro gloves provide more natural movement of fingers and joints.

Technical data:

Product type: Gloves - summer
Gender: Women
Color: Black
Comfort: Summer
Amortisation: Gel
Windproof: no
Product warranty 24 miesiące

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