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Single Travel Package / BASIL MILES DAYPACK NORDLICHT 17L, Hook-On System hook mount, waterproof polyester tarpaulin, black lime + Lighting (NEW)

Is that a backpack? Is it a purse? No, it's a bicycle backpack! This handy and sporty bag can be worn in five ways:

  • With a handle in your hand.
  • With a removable shoulder strap.
  • You can also carry the bag like a postman.
  • With two suspenders as a backpack.
  • On the trunk with Hook-On System hooks.

Basil Daypack Nordlicht has a padded back and shoulder straps, making it very comfortable to carry. You can easily attach the bag to the trunk (even on an electric bike) using the Hook-On System. What's more, because the weight of the bag is carried by the boot, the ride is much more stable and ultimately safer. The waterproof bag has a roll-top closure and withstands heavy rain, so your gear stays dry while you ride your bike. You can easily store your gear in different compartments - perfect for books, smartphones, pens and more. You'll be more visible in the dark with Nordlicht* technology - there's a LED strip on the front of the bag that you can operate with a button.


  • Bag and bike backpack in one!
  • Waterproof, with roll-top closure.
  • Hook-On attachment to the carrier
  • Ideal for e-bikes.
  • Nordlicht technology can be used as additional lighting and should under no circumstances replace the legally required bicycle light. Whenever any light is used on a bicycle, it must always comply with local regulations.
  • Dimensions: 31 cm x 17 cm x 44 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Maximum load: 5 kg
  • Capacity: 17 L
  • Material: Polyester
  • Position on the bike: Rear
  • Attachment: to the trunk
  • Installation: Basil Hook-On System

This innovative and opulent hook-and-loop system is standard on all new Basil luxury bags. The hook spacing is adjustable for the best possible position on the trunk, making Basil bags also suitable for use on the front trunk. The green flag locking system provides additional protection against unfastening the bag. This system is also suitable for e-bikes. It fits into rack pipes with a maximum diameter of 16 mm.


We are Basil. We want to see how you enjoy riding your bike, that's why we make beautiful and functional bicycle accessories that encourage you to ride even more. Because cycling is healthy and gives you a daily dose of happiness and effort. It all started 40 years ago when Ine van Dam entered the Nico van Balveren bicycle shop. She was looking for a wicker basket for her bicycle. Nico developed the basket and made Ine very happy. And the most important thing was that she liked to ride her bike even more because of this basket. Not much has changed in our family business since then. Our passion is to develop products that make cycling more attractive and enjoyable. And we always take your wishes into account. We want to understand when and why you ride a bike. And also why and when you do not ride. We learn that every day. We combine this information with our sense of quality, style and functionality. Together we can spread the joy of cycling. Will you join us?

On behalf of the Basil team,
Marthijn van Balveren.


Product type: Backpacks
Color: Black
Waterproof: tak
Capacity: 17,0 L
Incl. Hydration System: No
Rain cover: No
Back ventilation system: No
Chest strap: tak
Hip belt: No
Weight: 1000 g
Product warranty 24 months

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