If you run a stationary shop, online from the cycling and sports industry, you are still interested in cooperation and you want to introduce to the offer of your shop such as KAYMAQ, DEKO, WOSAWE or ROCKBROS contact us


  • to get access to panel b2b contact us by sending an e-mail to biuro@mikesport.pl.
  • In the e-mail, finally submit your company tax in this NIP number and the delivery address is different from the invoice. Also, don't forget your phone number.

Panel b2b


The password has been sent to the site after registration of the company in our system.

What are we offering?

  • access to panel b2b with fast processing process (import from orders from file csv)
  • access to files with current tents, updated every 15 minutes
  • the possibility of drop-shipping cooperation (the store supports our entire offer under your system, giving your clients the opportunity to store orders without the need to invest in the warehouse, then the collection of the collection we will carry out on 1 day)

Wholesale offer includes brands

KAYMAQ  - brand of bicycle clothing, created by the owner Mike SPORT. It is an extension of the MIMO brand and also later LIQUID, which has been running since 2006 in the Mike SPORT offer. KAYMAQ offers a wide range of bicycle shirts, blouses and rider bottoms with exquisite, with own bicycle inserts. The entire collection is created by Mike SPORT. A significant part of the products is sewn in the EU from walnut materials.

DEKO - bicycle clothing at an affordable price. Mike SPORT is an importer DEKO brand in Poland. As Mike SPORT, we have an influence on the pattern, we also often design patterns that are then included in the collection

WOSAWE - Mike SPORT is an importer and distributor of WOSAWE brand in Poland. Wosawe Sports is a leading manufacturer of sports apparel and accessories, founded by Mr. Mike Guo in 2008. Wosawe manufactures a wide range of advanced sports apparel and accessories. 3 main categories: Cycling apparel and equipment; Sports equipment for protection; Yoga apparel. Wosawe has helped many local brands succeed with high quality products for 10 years, including the US, UK, Japan, Germany, Spain, Russia and more.